Dubai Tram Commuters Beware: Validate Your nol Card to Dodge Dh200 Fines

Attention all Dubai Tram riders! If you’re hopping on board for the first time, ensure you validate your nol card to evade a hefty Dh200 penalty. Unlike the familiar turnstile-equipped nol card readers at Metro stations, the Dubai Tram requires you to interact with a distinct orange and white “nol card validator machine,” prominently marked with a “tap here” label.

Before embarking on your tram journey, tap your nol card on the validator machine. When the screen displays “check-in successful,” you can remove your card. The screen will also exhibit the trip cost (Dh3) and the remaining balance on your nol card. Upon concluding your trip, don’t forget to once again validate your nol ticket or card at the validator machine before exiting the tram station.

Avoidable Violations

Aside from neglecting to validate your nol card, there exist five additional Dubai Tram violations that may result in a Dh200 fine:

  1. Failing to present the nol card upon request.
  2. Using a card designated for someone else.
  3. Employing an expired card.
  4. Utilizing an invalid card.
  5. Unauthorized selling of nol cards without prior RTA permission.

Dubai Tram Operational Details

The Dubai Tram operates according to these timings as stated by RTA: • Monday to Saturday — Daily from 6 am to 1 am the next day. • Sunday — 9 am to 1 am the next day.

Integration with Dubai Metro

Notably, select Dubai Tram stations are interconnected with the Dubai Metro:

  1. Dubai Marina Tram Station links to SOBHA REALTY Metro Station.
  2. Jumeirah Lake Towers Tram Station connects with DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) Metro Station.

Cautious Navigation in Tram-Linked Areas

Motorists traversing Dubai zones linked to the tram system should pay heed to tram-associated road signs and traffic signals. Disregarding these may lead to penalties of up to Dh5,000. To steer clear of such fines, familiarize yourself with the road signs near the Dubai Tram by visiting this link.

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