Weather: Dusty Conditions Persist in UAE as 45kmph Winds Continue

The UAE is experiencing dusty conditions and strong winds up to 45kmph, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 27°C in Dubai and 31°C in Abu Dhabi. Overcast skies persist after light weekend rain, with scattered rainfall expected until Wednesday morning. Sea conditions are turbulent, warranting caution for maritime activities. Residents should stay informed and adhere to safety measures.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is currently experiencing a meteorological phenomenon characterized by strong winds reaching speeds of up to 45kmph, leading to dusty conditions across various regions. This weather pattern, which commenced on Monday, is anticipated to persist until 8pm today, posing challenges for residents and travelers alike. Despite the prevalence of dust, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) forecasts a fair to partly cloudy day, with temperatures expected to peak at 27 degrees Celsius in Dubai and 31 degrees Celsius in Abu Dhabi. However, individuals venturing into the sea are cautioned to exercise caution due to turbulent waves in both the Arabian Gulf and Sea of Oman.

Weather Conditions and Forecasts:

Following the recent occurrence of light rainfall in several parts of the UAE over the weekend, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah, the skies remained overcast on Monday. Dusty conditions persisted in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, accompanied by warm and humid weather conditions. The Met Office anticipates cloudy weather until Wednesday morning, with the possibility of scattered rainfall in certain areas.

Moreover, the NCM projects varying intensities of rainfall across the country on Monday night and Tuesday, with a subsequent probability of cloudy weather and rainfall limited to southern regions on Wednesday. This forecast indicates the likelihood of rain in internal parts of Abu Dhabi. While temperatures reached a maximum of 35°C in Dubai and other areas in recent days, a slight decrease in temperature is anticipated on Tuesday. Additionally, Wednesday may witness cloudy weather and rainfall, primarily in southern areas, contributing to dusty conditions in regions where clouds develop.

Sea Conditions and Safety Precautions:

Given the prevailing strong winds and turbulent seas, individuals planning maritime activities are advised to exercise heightened caution. Sea conditions are expected to be rough in the Arabian Gulf and moderate to rough in the Sea of Oman. This advisory underscores the importance of prioritizing safety measures and adhering to maritime regulations to mitigate risks associated with adverse weather conditions.


As the UAE navigates through this period of inclement weather marked by strong winds and dusty conditions, residents are urged to remain vigilant and prepared. By staying informed about weather updates and adhering to safety guidelines, individuals can mitigate potential risks and ensure their well-being amidst fluctuating meteorological patterns. Additionally, proactive measures taken by relevant authorities contribute to safeguarding public safety and minimizing disruptions caused by adverse weather phenomena.

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