Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus crowned Apple Podcasts’ Show of the Year 2023!

Apple Podcasts has announced that Lemonada Media’s hit interview podcast, Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, has been named the Show of the Year for 2023. This prestigious award recognizes a show that demonstrates exceptional quality and innovation in the podcasting landscape.

Hosted by Emmy award-winning actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Wiser Than Me features thought-provoking conversations with inspiring women who are older, wiser, and have incredible stories to share. From Jane Fonda and Carol Burnett to Amy Tan and Diane von Furstenberg, Louis-Dreyfus delves into their lives, careers, and experiences, offering listeners unique insights and wisdom.

In announcing the award, Apple stated that Wiser Than Me stood out for its “compelling interviews, insightful conversations, and humorous tone.” The show has garnered widespread critical acclaim and a devoted audience, praising its ability to celebrate women’s achievements and offer valuable life lessons.

“We are incredibly honored to be recognized as Apple Podcasts’ Show of the Year,” said Jessica Cordova Kramer, CEO of Lemonada Media. “Wiser Than Me is a passion project for our entire team, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to share these inspiring stories with the world. We especially want to thank Julia Louis-Dreyfus for her incredible talent and dedication to this show.”

Here are some of the reasons why Wiser Than Me was chosen as the 2023 Show of the Year:

  • Unique and compelling format: The show’s focus on interviewing older women offers a fresh perspective and allows listeners to learn from their experiences.
  • In-depth and insightful conversations: Louis-Dreyfus asks thoughtful questions and delves into meaningful topics, making for engaging and informative listening.
  • Humor and heart: The show is infused with humor and warmth, making it both enjoyable and relatable.
  • High production quality: The show’s excellent sound quality and editing add to the overall listening experience.
  • Impactful and inspiring: Wiser Than Me has received praise for its positive impact on listeners, motivating them and offering valuable life lessons.

With its engaging format, insightful conversations, and diverse guest lineup, Wiser Than Me continues to be a standout in the podcasting world. This recognition from Apple Podcasts further solidifies its place as a top-tier show for audiences seeking inspiration and wisdom.

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