Wizz Air Abu Dhabi Launches Inaugural UAE Flight to ‘Unknown Destination’

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, the distinguished ultra-low fare national airline of the UAE, has embarked on a thrilling and unprecedented journey by launching its first-ever flight from the UAE to an “Unknown destination.”

Winners of the ‘#GetLostwithWizz’ competition were granted a golden opportunity to step aboard a once-in-a-lifetime flight that whisked them away into the extensive and ever-expanding network of Wizz Air Abu Dhabi. This extraordinary experience allowed them to immerse themselves in a weekend of exploration and discovery, embracing the spirit of adventure.

The adventurous participants found themselves in Kutaisi, a city with a history of continuous habitation that spans centuries. Located in Georgia, Kutaisi served as the backdrop for a unique experience that the competition winners will cherish forever.

Travel enthusiasts, renowned adventure bloggers, and influential personalities delved into the unexpected charms of Kutaisi. They embarked on a journey to explore local landmarks, discover the protected areas of the captivating Imereti region, and savor the delectable flavors of the local cuisine.

Michael Berlouis, the Managing Director, expressed his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking endeavor, stating, “Wizz Air Abu Dhabi remains committed to delivering exciting and exceptional travel opportunities. The ‘#GetLostwithWizz’ competition showcased the quintessential Wizz way of travel, spotlighting one of our remarkable destinations.”

Berlouis continued, “Our choice of Kutaisi, a captivating destination within our expanding network, exemplified the adventure awaiting in the Imereti region. We extend our gratitude to our Georgian partners for their dedication and support in creating a weekend brimming with unparalleled travel experiences in culturally vibrant Kutaisi. We invite intrepid travelers to seize the opportunity to explore Georgian culture and beyond in the Imereti region, availing our ultra-low fares.”

The launch of the first UAE flight to an “Unknown destination” reflects Wizz Air Abu Dhabi’s unwavering commitment to innovation, extraordinary travel experiences, and seamless connectivity. By enabling winners to venture into the uncharted, the airline underscores its dedication to offering more than just flights – it offers unforgettable journeys.

The selection of Kutaisi as the mystery destination highlights Wizz Air Abu Dhabi’s meticulous curation of experiences that showcase the diverse beauty and cultural richness of different regions. The airline continues to foster partnerships and collaborations that provide travelers with distinctive insights into unique destinations within its network.

In summary, the launch of the inaugural UAE flight to an “Unknown destination” by Wizz Air Abu Dhabi marks a milestone in redefining travel. It encapsulates the essence of exploration, the thrill of the unexpected, and the joy of discovery. As Wizz Air Abu Dhabi forges ahead, it invites travelers to join in the excitement of uncovering the world’s hidden gems, one remarkable journey at a time.

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