Google Invites African Startups to Join AI First Accelerator: Unleash Innovation with Google’s AI Expertise

Calling all visionary African startups! Google has unveiled an exciting opportunity for startups in Africa to turbocharge their growth and innovation through the “Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First” program. Aimed at startups up to series A, this 10-week accelerator offers access to Google’s AI prowess, Cloud Platform resources, mentorship, and networking prospects.

African startups have consistently demonstrated their prowess in devising solutions that cater to the unique challenges of the continent. From bolstering agricultural practices to streamlining insurance processes, these startups have not only addressed pressing issues but have also driven economic growth and positively impacted countless lives.

Google’s collaboration with African startups has been ongoing, with the Google for Startups Accelerator: Africa initiative launched in 2018. Over the years, 106 startups from 17 African nations have benefited from this program, securing funding, generating employment, and gaining valuable support for their endeavors.

In recognition of the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to elevate innovation, Google is thrilled to introduce the “Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First” program. This accelerator is tailored for startups in the seed to Series A phase based in Africa or crafting AI-centered solutions for the continent. Over the span of 10 weeks, selected startups will receive invaluable benefits to supercharge their growth.

Participating startups will gain access to:

  1. Google’s AI Expertise: Leverage Google’s extensive AI research and receive expert guidance on AI projects.
  2. Technical Resources: Access the Google Cloud Platform to build and deploy AI-driven solutions.
  3. Mentorship: Receive comprehensive guidance from Google’s AI experts and seasoned entrepreneurs, covering both technical and business aspects.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow African startups and potential investors, paving the way for collaborative growth.

If your startup is in the seed to Series A phase, equipped with a strong team, and possesses a clear vision of how AI can address real-world challenges, this opportunity is tailor-made for you. The program is designed to empower startups with the tools and knowledge they need to flourish in the dynamic realm of AI and technology.

The application window for the Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First program is open until September 6, 2023. To embark on this transformative journey, visit and seize the chance to propel your startup to new heights of innovation and success.

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