Harvest Technology’s Innovative Solution Boosts Fugro ME’s Unmanned Surface Vessel Operations

Harvest Technology Group, an Australia-based tech leader, has achieved a significant milestone by securing its inaugural contract with Fugro Middle East (Fugro ME) for its pioneering hybrid Nodestream and RiS (Remote Inspection System) solution. This collaborative effort is poised to revolutionize Fugro’s capabilities in remote operations and uncrewed surface vessel (USV) activities.

Harvest’s hybridized solution showcases a sophisticated self-contained system, meticulously designed to empower Fugro ME in scaling its remote operations on a global scale. This cutting-edge technology aims to optimize the efficacy of uncrewed surface vessels while significantly curbing costs and streamlining operations.

The conventional deployment of a USV typically involves installing 12-16 cameras onboard to facilitate remote operations, a process that often incurs high satellite network streaming costs. Harvest’s innovation intervenes with a breakthrough approach, enabling Fugro ME to seamlessly transition between the Nodestream technology, ensuring cost-effective 24/7 live video streaming during periods of observation, navigation, and transit, and the premium features of the RiS system. Additionally, the solution allows simultaneous usage of both functionalities, tailoring operations to the specific demands of the task at hand.

Fugro has recently showcased the immense potential of uncrewed survey vehicles (USVs) with its deployment of the Fugro Pegasus in the Middle East. Tasked with a subsea survey and inspection of the UAQ3 platform on the Umm Al Quwain gas field offshore the UAE for Chinese operator Atlantis, Fugro’s technological prowess shone through. This endeavor was remotely monitored from a center in Dubai, using Fugro’s innovative Blue Essence technology. The operation was conducted entirely without the need for sending personnel offshore, underscoring the versatility and efficiency of such advancements.

The Fugro Pegasus was equipped with a Blue Volta electric ROV, which meticulously inspected the platform’s structural integrity and mapped the seabed features. The data were transmitted in real-time to the team in Dubai, affording Atlantis the opportunity for immediate assessment during the campaign.

Fugro’s commitment to sustainability is also evident through its USV design, boasting optimized fuel systems that lead to a remarkable 95% reduction in carbon emissions compared to conventional vessels. These eco-friendly vessels can operate at sea for extended periods, up to two weeks, without requiring refueling.

Patrick Boyce, the drilling manager at Atlantis (UAQ) Ltd., lauded the Fugro Pegasus’s performance, emphasizing its punctuality, resilience in challenging conditions, and exceptional imaging outcomes. As innovative technologies continue to shape the realm of maritime operations, collaborations like the one between Harvest Technology and Fugro ME emerge as pivotal milestones in ushering in the future of the industry.


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