Historic Moment as Kempegowda International Airport’s Terminal 2 Welcomes First International Flight

BENGALURU: A significant milestone in the aviation history of Bengaluru unfolded at 10:05 a.m. on a memorable Tuesday when Terminal 2 of Kempegowda International Airport witnessed the historic landing of its inaugural international flight. Saudia Airlines flight SV 866, arriving from Jeddah, touched down safely on the New South Parallel Runway, marking the commencement of international operations at Terminal 2. This momentous event was met with jubilation as 212 passengers disembarked from the flight, nearly ten minutes ahead of its scheduled arrival.

The return journey, flight SV 867 to Jeddah, became the first international departure from Terminal 2, taking off at 11:50 a.m., thereby solidifying the airport’s status as an international gateway. The significance of this achievement was further underscored when IndiGo flight 6E 1167, the first Indian airline to commence international operations from Terminal 2, departed for Colombo at 12:10 p.m., carrying 130 passengers.

To celebrate this historic occasion, a grand entertainment program featuring traditional art forms such as Dollu Kunitha and Yakshagana was staged outside ‘Arrivals’ Gate One, warmly welcoming Terminal 2’s first cohort of international travelers. Airport authorities, accompanied by staff from IndiGo and Saudia Airlines, partook in a traditional lamp-lighting ceremony, symbolizing the auspiciousness of this new phase.

The passengers on the inaugural flight included a significant number of Umra pilgrims from Karnataka, accompanied by tour operators, reflecting the diverse array of travelers welcomed by Terminal 2.

Passenger Delight at Terminal 2

Feedback from the passengers was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their satisfaction with Terminal 2. Maaz Khan, a Bengaluru-based HR professional, shared his experience: “It was a very good experience. We received a very nice welcome from all staff at the airport as soon as we reached.”

Priyanka Singh, a cabin crew member of Saudia Airlines, was pleasantly surprised by the milestone, saying, “It was a real surprise for me. I had no idea this would be the first international flight for this terminal. I saw other crew really excited about it, and only then I understood its significance.”

BIAL CEO’s Statement

Hari Marar, Managing Director & CEO of Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL), expressed his thoughts on this momentous occasion: “The commencement of international operations at Terminal 2 represents a major milestone for Bengaluru airport. With this move, international operations will be exclusive to Terminal 2. We look forward to strengthening Bengaluru’s connectivity.”

Avid Plane Spotting at Terminal 2

One of the standout features of Terminal 2 is its exceptional vantage point for plane spotting. Positioned on Level 3, near Gate 1 of the Departure Zone, this viewing area offers aviation enthusiasts and passengers the unique opportunity to witness flights landing, taking off, or parked on the North Runway. Visitors can often be seen strolling about, captivated by the sight of aircraft taking to the skies.

The view encompasses a colorful tableau of aircraft, with IndiGo planes lining the tarmac. Enthusiasts and travelers alike find themselves transfixed by this close-up perspective, making Terminal 2 a potential attraction for aviation enthusiasts. One traveler, S K Chellaiyan, enthused, “Just this spot could emerge as a big draw for Bengaluru. I travel extensively and have visited eight airports in India. Even in smaller airports like Pune or Madurai, we do not get such a close-up view of all flights.”

As Terminal 2 enters its new era of international operations, it promises not only enhanced connectivity but also a thrilling experience for aviation enthusiasts.

Your Queries Answered:

  • “How to get to Kempegowda International Airport?”
    • There are a few ways to get to Kempegowda International Airport:
      • By car: The airport is located about 40 kilometers from Bangalore city center. The drive takes about an hour.
      • By bus: There are several bus services that run from Bangalore city center to the airport. The journey takes about an hour and a half.
      • By metro: The airport is connected to the Bangalore Metro system. The metro station is located at the airport’s Terminal 2.
      • By taxi: Taxis are available from all major hotels and taxi stands in Bangalore. The journey takes about an hour.
  • “What are the airlines that operate at Kempegowda International Airport?”
    • A number of airlines operate at Kempegowda International Airport, including:
      • Air India
      • IndiGo
      • SpiceJet
      • Go First
      • Qatar Airways
      • Emirates
      • Singapore Airlines
      • British Airways
      • Lufthansa
      • American Airlines
  • “What are the destinations that can be reached from Kempegowda International Airport?”
    • Kempegowda International Airport has flights to a number of domestic and international destinations, including:
      • All major cities in India
      • London
      • Dubai
      • Singapore
      • Bangkok
      • Kuala Lumpur
      • Doha
      • New York
      • Chicago
      • San Francisco
  • “What are the restaurants at Kempegowda International Airport?”
    • Kempegowda International Airport has a number of restaurants, including:
      • McDonald’s
      • KFC
      • Burger King
      • Pizza Hut
      • Indigo Delite
      • The Coffee House
      • Starbucks
      • Foodhall
      • Theobroma
      • Freshmenu
    • These restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, so you can find something to suit your taste.
  • “What are the duty-free shops at Kempegowda International Airport?”
    • Kempegowda International Airport has a number of duty-free shops, where you can buy a variety of goods, including:
      • Perfumes
      • Cosmetics
      • Electronics
      • Liquor
      • Tobacco
      • Watches
      • Jewellery
      • Fashion accessories
    • The duty-free shops are located in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
  • “What are the other facilities at Kempegowda International Airport?”
    • Kempegowda International Airport also has a number of other facilities, including:
      • A business class lounge
      • A children’s play area
      • A prayer room
      • A currency exchange
      • A spa
      • A hotel
      • A car rental service
      • A medical center

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