Maestro Naseer Shamma Inaugurates Riyadh Oud House: Fostering Musical Excellence and Arabic Culture

The Music Commission of Saudi Arabia, under the visionary leadership of Maestro Naseer Shamma, proudly announces the inauguration of the Riyadh Oud House. A significant addition to the Arab Oud House’s global network of branches, the Riyadh Oud House stands as a beacon of musical education and cultural enrichment. a hub for learning traditional musical instruments and spreading Arabic culture. The Oud House offers instruction in playing instruments like the oud, flute, cello, and violin, contributing to the growth of the music industry in Saudi Arabia

Dedicated to preserving and proliferating the legacy of traditional Arabic music, the Oud House imparts the art of playing various musical instruments, including the renowned oud, as well as the flute, bezel, cello, and violin, among others. Beyond technical proficiency, the institution serves as a bridge for the dissemination of Arabic culture and awareness about the revered role of the oud in the region’s musical heritage.

Central to the mission is the creation of a thriving community of adept oud players who share a common passion for music. Guided by the Arab Oud House’s comprehensive curriculum, students delve into the nuances of various musical-playing techniques, equipping them with the skills to comprehend musical compositions, diverse music schools, and intricate musical symbols.

The journey at the Oud House culminates with the opportunity for students to showcase their talents in concerts, reflecting their honed abilities and dedication to the craft.

The establishment of the Riyadh Oud House is a pivotal stride in the Music Commission’s overarching goal to attract accomplished regional and international musicians and institute curricula adhering to international standards. This initiative resonates with the Commission’s commitment to invigorate the music industry within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, nurturing local talents, and fostering a vibrant musical landscape.

As the Riyadh Oud House opens its doors, it ushers in a new era of musical excellence, cultural enrichment, and artistic exploration, embodying the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Under the guiding baton of Maestro Naseer Shamma, the Oud House promises to play a transformative role in the journey of aspiring musicians, shaping a harmonious symphony of cultural revival and musical brilliance.

The Music Commission invites all those interested in learning oud playing techniques to register at

Registration is open from August 22 to September 21.


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