When Does Private Foreign Schools in Kuwait Open?

Foreign schools in Kuwait set to open on August 27 for the 2023/2024 academic year. Private schools catering to Indian, Pakistani, and Filipino communities have completed their preparations, with educational and administrative activities resuming on August 23. These schools are well-prepared, having addressed various aspects including staffing, transportation, and facility maintenance during the summer break.

These educational institutions are eager to welcome students back to campus and have taken measures to ensure a smooth start. However, the suspension of family visa issuance has affected student enrollment, resulting in decreased numbers in some community schools. The departure of families unable to return due to the suspension has impacted student densities, particularly in Indian schools, which currently house around 9,000 students across three educational stages.

The academic year for American, British, and bilingual schools is also set to begin incrementally, starting with the return of educational and administrative staff. Students will commence classes on August 27 and 28 across all levels. Additionally, the upcoming academic year might see the introduction of four new foreign schools, pending approval from the General Administration for Private Education.

These schools were granted administrative licenses approximately a year ago, and the current student densities will dictate class sizes. The Planning Department within the administration will assess the enrollment numbers for each school. Textbooks have been received from respective embassies and are ready to be distributed to students on the first day of school.

Registration processes, both for returning and new students, were carried out based on the tuition fees from the previous year. Notably, there are no fee increases for the current academic year across any educational stage. Registration adheres to established annual conditions and procedures, with a key requirement being valid residency for enrollment.

As Kuwait’s private foreign schools gear up for another academic year, the commitment to providing quality education remains steadfast despite challenges posed by visa-related matters.

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