Qatar Ministry Takes Action: Employees Apprehended for Embezzlement and Public Fund Damage

In line with Qatari legal statutes, public servants found culpable of embezzlement shall be liable to imprisonment for a duration spanning no less than five years and not exceeding ten years.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has initiated apprehensions of a group of personnel affiliated with the General Directorate of Passports, concerning a series of transgressions encompassing misappropriation, embezzlement, and the detriment of public finances.

In an official communiqué, the MoI has asserted that subsequent to a comprehensive inquiry, meticulous evidence collection, and systematic evaluation, the implicated individuals were subjected to custody and subsequently forwarded to the Public Prosecution for requisite legal proceedings.

The detained individuals’ predicament aligns with the criteria delineated in Article 148 of Law No. 11 of 2004, a legislative provision specifically addressing instances of embezzlement and kindred misdemeanors committed within the framework of public service.

In consonance with the stipulations enshrined within this legislative clause, “Any public officer who, through fraudulent intent, diverts funds, documents, or other assets under their custodianship in the context of their public service, shall be subjected to a term of incarceration spanning not less than five years and not exceeding ten years.”

Further escalation of punitive measures is envisaged, involving incarceration for a duration ranging from seven years to fifteen years, should the perpetrator be entrusted with specific fiscal responsibilities, encompassing custodianship of cash reserves, financial transactions, or oversight of fines, fees, levies, or akin financial resources.

The Ministry of Interior has opted not to unveil additional particulars pertaining to the individuals subjected to arrest or the precise nature of their infractions, upholding confidentiality during ongoing investigative procedures.

As legal processes proceed, it is anticipated that adherence to the prevailing legal frameworks in Qatar will be maintained, underscoring the nation’s commitment to upholding justice and accountability.

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