Saudi Arabia 3-Year Visa Ban Lifted: Open Doors for Foreign Residents on expired visas

Good news for foreign residents who previously held visas in Saudi Arabia: the Kingdom has lifted its three-year entry ban for those whose visas expired while outside the country. This policy shift signals a warmer welcome and aims to streamline the process for returning residents, boosting the economy and fostering a more inclusive environment.

Previously, foreign residents holding exit and re-entry visas faced a three-year ban on returning to Saudi Arabia if their visas expired while they were abroad. This caused immense hardship for many, separating families, disrupting professional opportunities, and creating uncertainty for those who wished to return to the Kingdom.

However, a recent announcement by the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) brings relief and renewed hope. Effective January 16, 2024, foreign residents with previously expired visas can now apply for new visas without facing the three-year ban. This change applies to various visa categories, including work visas, residency visas, and dependent visas.

Several factors likely contributed to this policy shift:

  • Economic Considerations: Saudi Arabia is actively diversifying its economy and attracting foreign investment. Welcoming back experienced professionals and skilled workers can contribute significantly to these goals.
  • Humanitarian Concerns: The ban caused hardship for many families and individuals, separating loved ones and disrupting lives. Lifting the ban demonstrates a commitment to human well-being and family unity.
  • Streamlining Procedures: The new policy simplifies the process for returning residents, making it easier to obtain new visas and re-establish lives in Saudi Arabia.

The policy change is welcomed by foreign residents and businesses alike. It offers greater flexibility and certainty for those wishing to return to the Kingdom and contributes to a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

While specific details on the application process for new visas are still emerging, the lifting of the ban marks a significant positive step. It opens doors for renewed opportunities, strengthens family bonds, and boosts the Kingdom’s economic and social landscape.



  1. Is the 3-year entry ban on expired visas in Saudi Arabia lifted? 
    Yes, the ban was lifted effective January 16, 2024.
  2. Who does the lifted ban apply to? 
    Foreign residents who previously held exit and re-entry visas in Saudi Arabia and whose visas expired while abroad.
  3. Can I now return to Saudi Arabia if my visa expired before January 16th? 
    Yes, you can apply for a new visa without facing the previous ban.
  4. Do I need to meet any new requirements to apply for a visa? 
    Specific details are still emerging, but the process is expected to be streamlined.
  5. Where can I find information about applying for a new visa? 
    Check the official website of the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) or contact the Saudi embassy/consulate in your country.

Impact and Implications:

  1. Why did Saudi Arabia lift the ban? 
    Several reasons, including economic considerations, humanitarian concerns, and streamlining procedures.
  2. Will this policy change boost the Saudi economy? 
    Yes, it could attract skilled workers and investors, contributing to economic growth.
  3. How will this impact families separated by the ban? 
    It allows for reunions and eases the emotional burden on families.
  4. Are there any exceptions to the lifted ban? 
    The ban applied to various visa categories, so any exceptions would likely be specific and based on individual circumstances.
  5. Will businesses benefit from the lifted ban? 
    Yes, companies can now recruit talent more easily and retain skilled workers.

Practical Concerns:

  1. What types of visas are available under the new policy? 
    Work visas, residency visas, dependent visas, and potentially others.
  2. Do I need to pay any fees to apply for a new visa? 
    Yes, visa application fees and processing charges will likely apply.
  3. How long does it take to get a new visa? 
    Processing times can vary depending on the visa type and individual circumstances.
  4. Do I need to travel to Saudi Arabia to apply for a new visa? 
    Not always, depending on your country’s regulations and the visa type.
  5. Can I appeal if my visa application is denied? 
    You may be able to appeal, depending on the reason for denial and specific visa regulations.

Additional Information:

  1. Where can I find updates on the new visa policy? 
    Follow the Jawazat website and social media channels.
  2. Are there any unofficial resources or forums to discuss the policy change? 
    Some online communities and expat forums might address specific concerns.
  3. Is there any legal support available for applying for a visa? 
    Consulting with an immigration lawyer specializing in Saudi Arabia might be helpful for complex cases.
  4. What else should I know about returning to Saudi Arabia after the ban lift? 
    Stay updated on travel requirements, health regulations, and any other relevant updates.
  5. Is this a permanent policy change? 
    While the current policy suggests a commitment to openness, long-term guarantees depend on future Saudi government decisions.

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