U.S. Navy Concludes Resolute Union 2023: Strengthening Maritime Cooperation with Lebanon and Regional Partners

The U.S. Navy, in collaboration with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and partner nations, concluded the highly successful exercise Resolute Union 2023, highlighting the strengthening of maritime cooperation. With a primary focus on enhancing maritime awareness, operations, and security, Resolute Union brought together international personnel, including nearly 20 U.S. service members, to facilitate training and expertise exchange. This exercise showcases the commitment of the U.S. Navy, LAF, and participating nations to maritime security and regional stability, underscoring the collective efforts in safeguarding vital maritime areas. Through Resolute Union, the U.S. Navy and its partners reaffirm their dedication to promoting peace and cooperation in the maritime domain.


The United States Navy, in conjunction with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), recently completed the annual maritime exercise, Resolute Union 2023, alongside partners from Egypt, France, Iraq, Jordan, and the United Kingdom. Focused on maritime awareness, operations, command and control, force protection, and infrastructure defense, this year’s exercise saw significant participation from international personnel, including a contingent from the United States.

While the U.S. personnel played the role of observers and trainers, the LAF partners had the opportunity to conduct training drills independently, further enhancing their maritime capabilities. Resolute Union exercises have been pivotal in fostering cooperation between the Lebanese and U.S. armed forces for the past 23 years, reinforcing their joint commitment to maritime security and regional stability

Strengthening Maritime Security: A Collaborative Effort

During Resolute Union 2023, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) joined hands with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) as well as military units from Egypt, France, Iraq, Jordan, and the United Kingdom. With a primary focus on maritime awareness, operations, command and control, force protection, and infrastructure defense, the exercise aimed to enhance the capabilities of all participating forces in crucial maritime areas.

Boasting the expertise of over 100 international personnel, including nearly 20 service members from the United States, Resolute Union became an amalgamation of various fields such as explosive ordnance disposal, civil affairs, maritime security, maritime law, joint planning, and amphibious operations. Through this collaborative effort, the participating nations solidified their commitment to safeguarding maritime security and promoting peace in the region.

U.S. Navy’s Observing and Training Role in Resolute Union

In an unprecedented move, the U.S. personnel partook in Resolute Union 2023 solely as observers and trainers, relinquishing their active involvement in the exercise. This approach allowed the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) partners to take center stage in conducting training drills, fostering a more cohesive team dynamic and promoting self-reliance.

As Lieutenant Commander Antoni Wyszynski from U.S. 5th Fleet’s Task Force 56 stated, “It is good to see how other partner nations are coming together to support Lebanese forces to develop interoperability and support maritime security.” By serving in this facilitating capacity, the U.S. Navy reinforced its commitment to empowering regional partners, showcasing their dedication to nurturing strong and capable maritime defense capabilities among participating nations.


Resolute Union 2023 has once again proven to be a vital platform for promoting collaboration and fostering robust maritime capabilities among the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and their international partners. With the United States Navy’s shift to an observing and training role, the LAF had the opportunity to lead training drills, enhancing their maritime expertise in key areas.

This longstanding exercise continues to serve as a testament to the enduring commitment of the U.S. Navy and its regional partners in ensuring maritime security and stability in the strategically critical regions of the Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Red Sea, and parts of the Indian Ocean. As the U.S. Navy remains steadfast in supporting Lebanon’s efforts to bolster its maritime defense, Resolute Union stands as a beacon of cooperation and unity in safeguarding regional waters and upholding peace.

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