All About Tabby KSA: Tabby Says “No More Late Fees” for Saudi Shoppers!

Good news for Saudi Arabia! Tabby, the popular shopping and money app, is ditching late fees on its “Pay in 4” option starting December 16th. This means you can split your purchases into four easy payments without worrying about getting charged extra if you’re a bit late.

Tabby KSA: Why is this a big deal?

  • More money in your pocket: No late fees means you keep more of your hard-earned cash.
  • Fairness matters: Tabby wants to build trust with users and believes everyone deserves a chance to manage their finances without extra penalties.
  • Following religious guidance: This change aligns with recent recommendations from Saudi Arabia’s religious scholars, who emphasize transparency and fairness in financial dealings.

What does this mean for you?

  • Shop your favorite things at thousands of stores and simply “Pay in 4.”
  • No hidden fees or surprises, just four clear and equal payments.
  • Tabby wants to help you manage your finances, not stress about them.

This is just one way Tabby is making shopping and money management easier and more ethical in Saudi Arabia. They’re also all about:

  • Clear pricing: No hidden costs, just what you see is what you pay.
  • Easy budgeting: Pay for things over time without breaking the bank.
  • Financial education: Tools and resources to help you make smart money choices.

So, next time you’re out shopping in Saudi Arabia, remember Tabby – the app that lets you pay in 4 without the worry of late fees. It’s time to shop smarter and fairer!


  1. Is Tabby legal in KSA? 
    Yes, Tabby is a licensed and regulated financial institution operating in KSA.
  2. Does Tabby follow Shariah principles? 
    Yes, Tabby emphasizes providing Shariah-compliant financial services, including their Pay in 4 option.
  3. Do I need a bank account to use Tabby in KSA? 
    You can use Tabby with a bank account or through alternative verification methods.
  4. What stores in KSA offer Tabby Pay in 4? 
    Thousands of online and in-store retailers in KSA partner with Tabby. Check the Tabby app or website for participating stores.
  5. Are there late fees for Tabby Pay in 4 in KSA? 
    No, late fees have been removed for all Pay in 4 purchases starting December 16, 2023, aligning with recent Fatwa recommendations.

Payments and Features:

  1. What are the payment deadlines for Tabby installments in KSA? 
    Payments are due every two weeks over six weeks for Tabby Pay in 4.
  2. Can I pay early to settle my Tabby balance in KSA? 
    Yes, you can pay any installment early without penalty through the Tabby app.
  3. Does Tabby offer cash on delivery (COD) with “Pay in 4” in KSA? 
    This depends on the store’s policies and may not be available for all purchases.
  4. Can I use Tabby for online travel bookings in KSA? 
    Yes, some travel agencies and airlines in KSA partner with Tabby for Pay in 4 bookings.
  5. Does Tabby offer rewards or cashback programs in KSA? 
    They currently don’t have a formal rewards program in KSA, but they may offer occasional promotions and exclusive deals for users.

Financial Management and Responsible Use:

  1. Does using Tabby affect my credit score in KSA? 
    As a licensed financial institution, Tabby may report your payment history to credit bureaus, which could impact your credit score.
  2. Can I use Tabby for multiple purchases at the same time? 
    Yes, you can have multiple active installment plans at a time, but ensure you can manage your financial commitments responsibly.
  3. What happens if I can’t make a Tabby payment in KSA? 
    Contact Tabby customer support as soon as possible to discuss options and avoid potential late payment consequences.
  4. Is Tabby a safe way to manage my finances in KSA? 
    Use Tabby responsibly by understanding the terms and conditions, budgeting for your payments, and avoiding overspending.
  5. Are there alternatives to Tabby Pay in 4 in KSA? 
    Yes, other BNPL providers and credit card options are available in KSA. Compare features, fees, and terms before choosing a financial service.
  6. Login and Account Access:
  7. How do I log in to my Tabby account? 
    You can log in through the Tabby app or website using your registered email address and password.
  8. I forgot my Tabby password. What should I do? 
    Click on “Forgot Password” on the login page and follow the instructions to reset it. You’ll receive a password reset link via email.
  9. I can’t log in to my Tabby account. What’s wrong? 
    Check your internet connection, ensure you’re using the correct login credentials, or contact Tabby customer service for assistance.
  10. Can I access my Tabby account through social media logins (Facebook, Google)? 
    Currently, Tabby login doesn’t support social media integration.
  11. How can I update my email address or phone number associated with my Tabby account? 
    Log in to your account settings or contact customer service to update your contact information.
  12. How can I contact Tabby customer service? 
    You can reach them through various channels:
    • Phone: Call their dedicated customer service hotline (phone number available on the app and website).
    • Live Chat: Access live chat support within the Tabby app during business hours.
    • Email: Send an email to their customer service address (listed on the website).
    • Social Media: You can also try sending a direct message on their official social media platforms.
  13. What are Tabby’s customer service hours? 
    Operating hours depend on your location. Check the website or app for specific regional customer service contact times.
  14. Can I get help with my Tabby account in languages other than English? 
    Depending on your region, Tabby may offer customer service in additional languages. Check their website or contact them directly for details.
  15. What should I do if I have a complaint about Tabby? 
    You can follow their customer service channels to share your feedback and concerns. They may ask you to fill out a formal complaint form for internal investigation.
  16. Where can I find answers to frequently asked questions about Tabby? 
    Browse their FAQ section on the website or within the app for solutions to common issues and inquiries.
  17. Is my information safe with Tabby? 
    They prioritize data security and use industry-standard encryption to protect your personal and financial information.
  18. What should I do if I suspect fraud on my Tabby account? 
    Contact customer service immediately and report any suspicious activity associated with your account.
  19. How can I make sure my Tabby transactions are secure? 
    Avoid logging into your account on public Wi-Fi networks and always use strong passwords.
  20. What happens if I lose my phone with the Tabby app installed? 
    Report the lost phone to your carrier and contact Tabby to deactivate your account and prevent unauthorized access.
  21. Can I report fraudulent activity on my Tabby debit card? 
    Yes, contact Tabby’s customer service hotline immediately to report and block your card for further transactions.
  22. Can I manage my Tabby account settings offline? 
    Certain functions like email and phone number updates are available through the website even if you’re not logged in.
  23. Does Tabby offer phone-based customer service support in my region? 
    Check their website or app for specific regional contact information to confirm phone support availability.
  24. Is there a way to access my Tabby transaction history without the app? 
    You can request a statement through customer service or download it directly from the app if you’re logged in.
  25. Can I get my Tabby questions answered on Twitter or Facebook? 
    While social media may not be the fastest resolution method, their official accounts sometimes respond to direct messages with support links or general guidance.
  26. Are there any online forums or communities where I can discuss Tabby with other users? 
    Explore online forums or review platforms dedicated to financial services or BNPL solutions to share your experiences and seek peer advice.

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