BTS’s Jungkook Takes First Win For “3D” On “M Countdown”

BTS’s Jungkook took his first win for his solo single “3D” on Mnet’s M Countdown. The episode was a highlight special, with Jungkook and IVE being the only two nominees for first place.

Jungkook’s performance of “3D” was electrifying, with him showcasing his powerful vocals and energetic dance moves. The stage was also visually stunning, with a futuristic theme that perfectly matched the song.

After the show, Jungkook took to social media to thank his fans for their support. He wrote on Twitter: “Thank you to all the ARMY for giving me my first solo win on M Countdown. I’m so grateful for your love and support.”

Jungkook’s win is a significant achievement for the BTS member. He is now one of the few idols to have won a music show trophy with both a solo song and a group song.

Jungkook’s win is also a testament to his popularity and global reach. “3D” is a collaboration with American rapper Jack Harlow, and it has been topping charts all over the world.

Jungkook’s first win on M Countdown is a proud moment for BTS fans, and it is a sign of the great things to come for the talented idol.

What does this mean for Jungkook’s solo career?

Jungkook’s first win on M Countdown is a major milestone for his solo career. It shows that he is capable of success on his own, and it gives him a platform to showcase his unique talents.

Jungkook’s win is also likely to encourage him to release more solo music in the future. He has already hinted at the possibility of releasing a solo album, and his fans are eagerly awaiting it.

Jungkook’s solo career is sure to be bright and successful. He is one of the most popular idols in the world, and he has a lot of talent to offer.

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